Is powder even an option ?

Is playing in powder puff an independent decision for fall athletes?

Shelby Huebschle a woman’s soccer player this fall thinks that fall athletes should have a choice in whether or not to play powder puff. Huebschle say’s ” I think we are only in high school once we should be able to do whatever we want.” Abby Brown another Amelia woman soccer player thinks that the coaching staff has a valid point in not wanting the players to play, but Brown say’s “I think we should be able to make our own decision, especially because we already payed the $20 fee.”

Abby Brown , Shelby  Huebschle

Abby Brown , Shelby Huebschle

Justin Tavner a cross country runner thinks that a coach shouldn’t have control in what you do outside of school or outside of school sports. Tavner is not being restricted from any activity he is just saying his input. Cage Meyer a varsity football player thinks that anyone should be able to do powder puff because its basically a personal event that none of the coaches have a part in. Meyer says “A coach shouldn’t have a say in what you do outside of school sports. Bobby Wilmoth another football player thinks you should be able to do what you want because your coaches only coach the sport they get paid to coach.

bobby wilmoth

Bobby Wimoth

cage meyer

cage meyer

justin tavner

Justin Tavner


Would you rather??

Would you rather club sports or High School? I interviewed 5 different people on what their opinion of the two types of sports.

Manzi #5 (soccer)

I interviewed Daniel Waldman, He plays soccer for the High school he is #36. Daniel likes Club soccer more than High School. Waldman says “Club soccer is more fun and laid back,There isn’t as much pressure in club as there is in high school.” I also interviewed his teammate Cameron Manzi #5. He also agrees that club soccer is better than high school. Manzi says “Club soccer is more competitive and they have a lot more college scouts.” He also is happy that he doesn’t have to spend as much time with his cub teammates because they all don’t go to the same school like his high school teammates.

I also interviewed another member of the Amelia Men’s soccer team Nic Huber #32. He disagrees with his teammates and he thinks high school soccer is better than club. Huber says “I like being able to hang out with my teammates more and the competition is a lot easier so I don’t have to work as hard.” Huber like’s all the tournaments he goes to because you don’t play local people. Huber says “Go Baron’s!!” Next i interviewed a member of the Lady Baron’s soccer team Kaylee Simmons #37. Simmons like’s club soccer more. Simmons says ” The coaching is different and the tournaments are better because the have kettle corn and t-shirts and the whole overall experience.” One thing she like’s about high school season more than club is how close you get to the members of your teams.

Simmons and Huber

Simmons and Huber

I interviewed a few other people that didn’t play soccer including Abby Alsip that play’s basketball. Alsip says she like’s high school season more than club. Alsip say’s “I like high school more because there are a lot more games, also that it is more fun that club.” She thinks the girls on both teams are equal in friendships. I also interviewed Tyler Stewart. Stewart plays baseball. Stewart says ” We travel to alot more different places and the coaches are a lot better because they are more lenient.” He likes club much more because he thinks he is the best on his club team and his club team plays more games. Stewart say’s he likes the games more because of the competition and location of the game. The part Stewart likes about high school is playing with the upper class men (since he is on varsity.).


Tyler Stewart (baseball)

Tyler Stewart (baseball)

Lady Barons on the rise

Amelia Women’s High School soccer team is getting a lot of attention this fall season! The lady Barons were under estimated due to the loss of the 11 seniors last year. They started off a strong season getting a big win against Madeira (Division 1 school). The community press interviewed Coach Amy Kemmer on her opinion of this situation. If you are more interested go to the following link: click here!¬†Four of the soccer girls are on the first page of Cincinnati’s top offensive leaders. If you are interested in looking at that click here!

Dress Code; Amelia High school

Is the new dress code worth it? I think that the dress code needed to be enforced to a certain degree. Something needed to be done about what some people were wearing to school or thought was appropriate. With all the rules about hair color to clothes i think people will look at us as a different school if we dress and act our age. Can the new dress code make us a better school? If everyone sticks with what were being told to do than Amelia wouldn’t get judged or nobody would have anything to say about us. My personal thought on dress code is that we should be happy with what we have to wear because some schools have to wear uniform everyday or certain restrictions to certain types of clothing, when all Amelia’s administrating office is just asking us to wear clothes¬†that cover you up.


Not dresscode


dress code