Men and Woman’s end of the season report.

The men’s varsity soccer team has an 11-4-2 season so far. They got seated in the tournament and played Hamilton and beat them 4-1. Daniel Waldman had an amazing goal carrying the ball by himself, he shot the first ball missed it than took a re-shot and scored the first goal of the game! The Baron’s are losing 11 senior’s this year. 5 of them being on their starting line up. Elliot Stockton, (goalie senior) Has had a really good season having 5 shut-outs and 5 games he only got scored on 1 time, helping the Baron’s still win. Next year will be a surprise to how the season goes to everyone from losing 11 seniors. The boy’s have a strong junior class with almost all of them set as starters, scattered around the field.



The woman’s varsity soccer team has an 14-1-1 season so far. They got seated #17 in the tournament and they play their first game 10/14/14 against Hamilton. The Lady Baron’s has had an unexpectedly good season. The varsity team lost 11 seniors last year and everyone thought this year would have been their recovery year. The team is mostly made up of sophomores and freshmen, with only 3 seniors and 2 juniors. The sophomore class is the biggest and probably the strongest class. There are 12 girl’s in the sophomore class with 6 of the 12 on the varsity roster, but the other 4 swing and 2 are injured. They will have the same starting defensive line up until all the sophomores are graduated. The senior class is a very skilled but small group of girls. Marissa Stone, 4 year varsity member controls the center with Carrington Higgins and Kylie Smith.



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Amelia Baron’s Sophomore and Junior powder puff team’s had one of the best powder puff game’s played in a long time. The sophomore’s Abby Brown and Lindsay Buten scored both of the sophomores touch downs. Buten had an intersection long run from the opposing teams touch down zone. Brown had an attacking touch down. This is Brown’s second year scoring a touch down against the other team. Juniors Mackenzie Hultz scored majority of the juniors touch downs. The juniors had a really strong quarter back, Sam Lee. Between Hultz and Lee their was 8 touch downs scored that night. The juniors broke a tradition of the seniors winning every year. CONGRATS JUNIORS!!



L. Buten and A. Brown

L. Buten and A. Brown