Men and Woman’s end of the season report.

The men’s varsity soccer team has an 11-4-2 season so far. They got seated in the tournament and played Hamilton and beat them 4-1. Daniel Waldman had an amazing goal carrying the ball by himself, he shot the first ball missed it than took a re-shot and scored the first goal of the game! The Baron’s are losing 11 senior’s this year. 5 of them being on their starting line up. Elliot Stockton, (goalie senior) Has had a really good season having 5 shut-outs and 5 games he only got scored on 1 time, helping the Baron’s still win. Next year will be a surprise to how the season goes to everyone from losing 11 seniors. The boy’s have a strong junior class with almost all of them set as starters, scattered around the field.



The woman’s varsity soccer team has an 14-1-1 season so far. They got seated #17 in the tournament and they play their first game 10/14/14 against Hamilton. The Lady Baron’s has had an unexpectedly good season. The varsity team lost 11 seniors last year and everyone thought this year would have been their recovery year. The team is mostly made up of sophomores and freshmen, with only 3 seniors and 2 juniors. The sophomore class is the biggest and probably the strongest class. There are 12 girl’s in the sophomore class with 6 of the 12 on the varsity roster, but the other 4 swing and 2 are injured. They will have the same starting defensive line up until all the sophomores are graduated. The senior class is a very skilled but small group of girls. Marissa Stone, 4 year varsity member controls the center with Carrington Higgins and Kylie Smith.



The men’s soccer player’s opinions are:

Scott Ervin (Junior) says “I like this season a lot because it is really fun and i like to hang out with all my friends.” I asked him what he first expected them to play like in the beginning of the season and his response was that he expected his team to come back the same from last season and win league. But they only placed 3rd. He doesn’t really have much hope in making it past the second round in the tournament.. His twin Randy Ervin (Junior) say’s “He like’s the team bonding and having fun with his friends!” He also expected the team to win league and be really good. His thoughts on the tournament are if they play as a team like they did against the 1st round team and all play hard than they have a chance in beating st. X. He thinks his season went really well but could have been better.


Scott and Randy Ervin

Another member of the Baron’s soccer team Braden Martin (Junior) say’s “I really enjoys playing with all my teammates because they are all unique and really good.” In the beginning of the season he expected all the varsity boys to come out with and urge to win the league title. His opinion on the tournament is that they could make it to round 3 if they all actually come to play and stay composed. His thoughts on next year are that they will start of shaky because of the loss of their 11 seniors. Towards the start of league they will get it together. Keeghan Manzi (Junior) say’s “I like playing with all these boy’s because of how close of a bond we  have gotten.” What he expected in the beginning of the season was obviously to win league, like all the other boy’s were expecting. He thought they would be really good. Manzi says’s “the season turned out really good but he also know’s that they could have played a lot better.” His view on the tounament is they did really good their first game but the 2nd game will be really hard.

keeghan braden

The Woman’s soccer player’s opinions are:

Anna Tessoff Goalie (Junior) say’s “I like how we have team dinners and get to bond and get closer.” In the beginning of the season she expected the Lady Baron’s to get a 5-peat! (WHICH THEY DID!!) Tessoff didn’t think they were going to be as strong of a team because of how young they are. She thinks the season went really well and they did a lot better than they expected.

Anna Tessoff

Anna Tessoff

A couple more of the Lady Baron’s Alyssa Gilpin (Junior) and Kaylee Simmons (Sophmore) say “We have a really young team, and we have a really strong bond because we are basically a family, so we work really well together.” In the beginning of the season they both were unsure of how well they would all work as a team together or how well they would do in out of league game. In the tournament they expect to atleast make it to 3rd round and probably have a tough battle against Mason. (#1 team in the area.) Another sophomore Kylie Smith say’s “I really like this season because of all the girls i get to play with and and how close we all are.” One thing that Kylie enjoys about high school season is the coaching staff. Smith say’s “I have a lot of respect for all of the coaching staff and for standing by our sides the whole season.” In the beginning of the season she was really nervous about the age of the team, Just recently she said she was really excited about how the season turned out. Kylie’s opinion on the team for the next 2 seasons is that they will basically be the same because we will have almost all the same girls.

Kaylee and Alyssa

Kaylee and Alyssa

Kylie Smith

Kylie Smith


Caroline, Marrissa and Carrington

Caroline, Marrissa and Carrington


Josh, Cody, Elliot, Chris, Anthony, Scott, Issac, Carrington, Russell and Marrissa.

Missing: Caroline, Ben, Mikey, Alec.

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