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  1. Koala Facts – 10 Interesting Facts about Koalas
    Koalas Can Hold Food in Their Belly for Over 8 Days
    Koalas Really Love Only 30 of the 600 Varieties of Eucalyptus
    Koalas Sleep 20 Hours a Day
    Koalas Only Spend 15 Minutes a Day Hanging Out
    There Are 40 Compounds in the Chest Gland Secretions of Koalas
    Koalas Are Born Only 30 Days After They Are Conceived
    The Koala Was Discovered by Westerners in 1798
    Koala-like Animals Date Back Over 25 Million Years
    Koalas Were Extinct in South Australia by 1924
    Koalas Have 2 Opposable Thumbs
  2. Dolphin Facts – 10 Fun facts about Dolphins
    There Are over 30 Dolphin Species
    Dolphins Range from 4 ft. to 30 ft. Long
    The Ancestors of Dolphins Entered the Water 55 Million Years Ago
    Killer Whales Are Actually 30 ft. Long Dolphins
    Amazon River Dolphins Sport Goatees and Can Turn Their Head 90 Degrees
    Dolphins Can Hear 10 Times above the Human Range of Hearing
    Cute and Carnivorous – Dolphins Only Eat Meat
    Dolphins Have Big Parties – Sometimes Over 1,000 Dolphins Hangin’ Out
    Bottlenose Dolphins Teach Each Other to Use Tools
    In Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Dolphins and Humans Fish as a Team
  3. Obesity Facts – 10 Stunning Facts about Obesity
    Obesity Cost the US $254 Billion in 2013
    Blacks Have the Highest Rate of Obesity at 47.8%
    1 in 5 American Teenagers are Obese
    280,000 People Die in the US Each Year from Obesity
    In 2013 the AMA Classified Obesity as a Disease
    34% of Dogs are Overweight or Obese
    The Extra Weight Of Obesity Costs Airlines $275 Million Per Year
    93 Million Americans are Affected by Obesity
    27% of Adults Are Too Obese to Serve in the Military
    Excess Body Fat Causes Type 2 Diabetes in 77% of Women and 64% of Men
  4. Down Syndrome Facts – 10 Facts about Down Syndrome
    People with Down Syndrome Have 47 Chromosomes
    Trisomy 21 is the Technical Name for Down Syndrome
    Mosaic Down Syndrome Affect 2-3% of People with Down Syndrome
    Down Syndrome Causes Errors in Skin and Bone Cells You Can See
    50% of Children Born With Down Syndrome Have a Heart Defect
    The Mother’s Egg is the Source of Down Syndrome in 90% of Cases
    Down Syndrome Can Be Detected During Pregnancy with Special Tests
    People With Down Syndrome Can Live By Themselves
    People with Down Syndrome Only Live to Be 50 to 60 Years Old
    Down Syndrome Advocacy Groups Emerged in the 1950’s and 1960

  5. Cyber Bullying Can Occur Over Text Messages
    There Are No Cyber Bullies – Using Labels Doesn’t Solve the Problem
    Anyone Who Witnesses Cyber Bullying is Involved in The Act
    Cyber Bullying Can Happen to a Child Anywhere There’s Data
    Cyber Bullying Can Happen to a Child Even When They Are Alone
    80% of Children Say Cyber Bullying Is Easier to Get Away With
    Cyber Bullying Can Be Anonymous
    Cyber Bullying Doesn’t Happen to Adults – Only Children
    Cyber Bullying Spreads Rumors at the Speed of Light
    80% of Parents Say Children Age 13-17 Have Social Media Accounts


Is grades a good resemblance of someones intelligence?

The grading process for students is unfair because not everybody learns the same way. Each school or teacher has different expectations for each student. All teachers are given certain requirements to teach students to prepare them for standardized tests. Not every student has respect for their teacher or don’t have supportive home lives causing them to slack at school and not pay as much attention everyday. Some teachers grade students based off of their skill level and give the students with more intelligence harder tasks to do compared to students that don’t really care. Students should be graded by more than just a letter or a test.

Not every kid has a supportive home life to come to school and be normal. Some kids have siblings that they have to be responsible for because of the lack of parents and they don’t really have time or energy to focus on school so they end up coming to school and not really caring on if they get a bad grade on a test, or just a bad grade in general. Usually students like this are very intelligent, but just don’t care to try. They do not have the support of anybody pushing them to do better things during their high school career so when they graduate they can go to college and have a successful career. When you are in high school you don’t really think about the future and how important it is to do good now because what you don’t realize is what you do in high school affects your life after high school. For example, jobs, family, or if you go to college and if you want to be successful. Some kids don’t get to eat dinner or anything some days, food is supposed to supply you with energy. If you don’t eat then you’re not going to have energy or concentration to do anything at school.  If a student hasn’t ate for a couple days or weeks than they are not going to be worrying about things you work on in school, they are going to be worried about when the next time they will be able to eat.  Not all students have the level of respect for teachers that they should. Students that have more respect to students are prone to having better grades and paying more attention in school and worrying about things necessary to school. Every kid has to go to school, but there is no rule saying that they have to accomplish anything while they are there. Not all parents have enough money to be able to support their kids with the necessary amount of school supplies, which means that they might not be able to get something done in time like  projects, homework, or anything to do with internet access.  That leads to getting points deducted because it was late and then that individual won’t get as high of a score just because they weren’t able to be supplied with the right materials. Some schools supply students with some material, but it would be too expensive to supply every single student that couldn’t afford school supplies their own personal items, so they usually just end up getting class sets of stuff. Class sets don’t last as long because the students that borrow them usually don’t respect them because they don’t have to worry about it because they didn’t pay for it.

Every teacher is expected to cater and teach different styles of learning, then at the end of the year have all the students take the same exact standardized test. Some students learn better visually, or with somebody showing them exactly how they should be doing it or what they are doing. A standardized test is a form of a test that requires all takers to answer the same questions in the same way and that is scored in a standard manner. Some students learn better on their own and they don’t have to see a demonstration before they do it. Taking a standardized test shouldn’t be counted as an important grade because the test doesn’t have each way that the student was taught. The test might have one way that one student learned and understood better, but that way might not be the way any other student learned it, which isn’t fair to that group of students. A grade for a test is basically based off if you studied or not for that specific test. A grade in general is basically just the effort you put into that certain class. Is that really grading your intelligence? This makes it harder for teachers to teach because they have to expand their teaching ability to reach all of their students learning ability. Teachers that just teach in one way, all year and bore the students usually are the teachers that nobody enjoys and all their students don’t have high grades. The more a student is involved with his/her work than the more the student will understand what they are doing, or be able to look back and remember what they were learning about and possibly even connect with it. When students don’t ask questions teachers just assume they know how to do what they are learning or when students aren’t paying attention a teacher just stops teaching and finishes for the day which ends up hurting the students that are paying attention. Testing causes stress on students. Some students stay up all night studying and then by the time they go to bed it’s already time to wake up for school, and then in the mornings they are exhausted. Teachers shouldn’t make test such an important part of your grade because not everyone tests the same. If a student is stressing over a test in one class than they aren’t even paying attention to what is going on in other classes, which could effect that grade. It is harder for students to study for every class outside of school because most kids play sports or participate in activities outside of school. It is normal for kids to have a social life on school and not spend every waking second studying or doing homework.

The grading system isn’t fair to students that get graded on a harder scale based off of their intelligence. Every student should be graded in the same type of way based off the assignment. If two people are writing a paper on the same project than the only fair thing is to grade them based off of the same requirements. In high school you have the choice to take advanced classes, if you put yourself in one of those classes you are going to be getting graded harder than a normal class because that teacher expects more from you. There are a few exceptions to teachers grading certain students harder because the students that come to school and sleep everyday are obviously not going to have something as good as somebody that comes to school everyday and pays attention. Teachers should have high expectations for all of their students to push them all to work harder. It’s not fair to the students that teachers put higher pressure on a kid that’s in a more advanced class because that’s kind of making the other student feel not as important and could cause a negative effect on how that student will respect that teacher. Each teacher should have the same expectations for each student so everyone is prepared for life after high school. In college all the classes are going to have different expectations based on the class you take, but at the end of the day they are all going to have the same rules about late working or how you should do something to prepare yourself. So in your high school years you should be pushed by your teachers and yourself to be better. You should be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone to do things better than just average, you will never get better at something if you just keep doing it the same and talk to all the same people everyday.

I interviewed a few people to get their opinions of if they think grades resemble somebody’s intelligence and they said:

Beau Hoffman: “I think grades should not be what determines how smart somebody is because everybody has stronger and weaker subjects.” Beau thinks that grades resemble the amount of effort put into school instead of how smart you actually are.

Lindsay Buten: “Grades should be a certain percentage of your GPA/Intelligence and the other should be something to determine how smart you are based on something that doesn’t involve testing.” Buten has really good grades but still doesn’t agree that grades are your intelligence.

Adam Burg: “My personal opinion is that grades should be something to show just how smart you are, A good grade can mean that you just found your stronger subject.” Adam does think grades are a good idea but he also thinks that there should be more to it than just taking test, so he agrees with Lindsay on that part.

Brooklyn Adair: “Grades shouldn’t effect your GPA but they should determine how much of an effort you put in which should count as something” Brooklyn doesn’t think testing should be mandatory, there should be another option to get graded on.


AHS track meet!

Amelia varsity track team participated in the mariemont invitational, They will be participating in the second day for all the runners that made it to finals and all the relays. This meet isn’t a league meet it is just to prepare Amelia for districts and hopefully regionals!