Injuries involved with sports

Do you feel invincible from injuries?

Injuries can be very serious. Injuries can happen with even the slightest miss position of any body part. Injuries especially in sports can occur to anyone at any time. Atleast every 1 of 4 girl athlete tear something in their leg but ACL is most common. You can hurt yourself in all types of ways, you can get concussions, sprain or break your ankle, arm, leg,  you could get stress fractures.There are so many different bones, ligaments, tendents,  that you could hurt in your body while doing a contact sport. injuries that occur in sports like soccer and football are very common.

Injuries generally include overuse or traumatic injuries. When you play sports you need to know when you have overused your body. Overuse injuries occur over time due to stress on the muscles, joints and soft tissues without proper time for healing. They begin as a small, nagging ache or pain, and can grow into a debilitating injury if they aren’t treated early. Traumatic injuries occur from a sudden force, or impact, and can be quite dramatic. Some worse than others.

Knee injuries are common in athletes. Ligament damage or injuries to the knee are very common in sports that require stopping and starting or changing directions quickly. Also by planting your foot wrong, landing wrong, or even just contact with another person. Usually when you have a ligament injury they don’t always cause pain, but typically cause a loud “pop” or “crack”. Most of these injuries are shown through an MRI. Surgery is usually what happens if your tear is bad enough. Sometimes surgery is used even if its only partially tore.

Concussions are being taken very seriously now a days and people are starting to come out with a type of headband like protection that is supposed to prevent concussions. The headband has cushion around the forehead mostly and then it goes around to the back of your head. Concussions occur when a sudden impact or blow to the head. Concussions are minor traumatic brain injuries. It can affect how the brain works for a while. A concussion can lead to bad headaches, changes in alertness, or loss of consciousness. May also cause you to loss memory. In bad cases it could also put you in the hospital.



Shin Splints describe a variety of generalized pain that occurs in the front of the lower leg along your tibia. Shin splints are considered cumulative stress injury. Shin splints cause your shins to throb and ache after running or just sprinting. Shine splints are very common. Runners might get them after doing their workout , or changing surfaces that they usually run on. Shin splints can lead to a stress fracture in your shin if you don’t properly take care of them.

I haven’t had any serious sport injuries but i have had some of my friend’s tear their acl, break some bones and get shin splints. But what i have learned from their experience is too stretch before you do any physical activity and dont think you are invincible because everyone can get hurt.


Sport injuries can happen to any gender just some injuries are more pron in one gender more than the other. Sport injuries are not something to mess with and you should get it taken care of immediately and don’t wait. If you wait it could make your injury or injuries worse by walking or doing certain motions or actions that you shouldn’t be doing if you have an injury. Always follow what your doctor or trainer says to get back to play your sport as soon as possible.

Sport injuries can be prevented by resting your body more, doing your proper warm-up, and being in shape. Also you should use proper protective equipment.

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