FC Cincinnati!!

There is a new professional soccer team in Cincinnati, FC Cincinnati will be playing Saturday March 26th at 7:30 pm at Charleston. Their first home game will be April 9th at 7 pm. If you are a University student your tickets only $5, Youth or club is $12, young kid $10 and adults are $20. If you have any interest in soccer come out and support your home team for their first season. Help them start the season strong and bring home a win!!

FC Cincinnati


Top colleges in Ohio.

Ohio State

Acceptance Rate: 55.5%

Location: Columbus Ohio.


Miami University

Acceptance Rate: 66%

Location: Oxford Ohio.


University of Cincinnati

Acceptance Rate: 76%

Location: Clifton Ave. Cincinnati.


Ohio University

Acceptance Rate: 74%

Location: Athens Ohio.


University of Dayton

Acceptance Rate: 58.8%

Location: Dayton Ohio.


Kent State University

Acceptance Rate: 84.4%

Location: Kent Ohio.

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Bowling Green State University

Acceptance Rate: 53.4%

Location: Bowling Green Ohio.

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University of Akron

Acceptance Rate: 69.2%

Location: Akron Ohio.

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Top 10 of the weirdest ways to die

  1. Swinging a baseball bat so hard it ruptures your bladder.
  2. Being bit by a monkey.
  3. Having a long scarf get caught in the wheel of a car you are riding in.
  4. Being crushed by a giant stack of newspaper.
  5. Drinking to much carrot juice.
  6. Suffocating in garbage.
  7. Choking on a piece of corn.
  8. Tripping over own beard.
  9. Biting your own tongue.
  10. Blood poisoning by stabbing toe.allt

can studying be fun??

If you’re the type of person who can’t stay concentrated enough to study, or doesn’t find interest in studying you can look here for a few tips. If you want to know the fun way to study but not know you’re studying click here to have fun and pass an upcoming test!