How many athletes end up advancing onto sports after their high school career?


1/25 high school athletes advance to college sports and 1/50 high school students receive scholarships to play their designated sport. Depending on the sport it could be different. Talent is a very important in getting a scholarship but academics are a big help too. Even if you don’t get a big athletic scholarship you can get academic and add on to giving you more money.

Most students plan on playing college sports to earn scholarships, to make college less expensive. Depending on the school you go to, or sport you play depends on how much money you get. Each sports team has a certain amount of money to spend on each class. Not every student athlete will get a scholarship, and if you did get a scholarship it could easily get taken away or you can lose money for not meeting the standards that the college coach had for you. There are plenty of other ways to lose your scholarship not by the coaching staff.

Do you think college athletes should get paid?

Some college games bring in a lot of attraction and make a lot of money but where does all that money go?  Specifically in the NCAA in March Madness they make roughly 6 billion annually, the athletes that get to see the court don’t even get to see any of that money. Let alone the families that can’t afford tickets to get into the game or travel don’t have an option. The tickets range from $100 and up, plus the parking pass you have to buy to park in range.

Some people compare Division 1 sports as a job, Athletes spend around 43.3 hours a week training or playing games. How are they supposed to pay for things out side of that sport if they can’t have a job because lack of personal time. Playing a sport in college could be considered a part time job but with out the money. Most students spend more time at their designated sport and work harder than the average person does at their daily job. Most athletes are more disciplined and easier to cope with because they constantly are being able to work with co-workers/teammates, constantly listening to a coach/manager and having good sportsmanship/a good attitude. College athletes also have to attend college through out the week scheduled around their sports to maintain their scholarships and to not lose any money. If the athletes were getting paid to play it would make the competition a lot greater, athletes would have to work harder to earn their places because it will increase stress upon athletes, worrying about where they are going to get their money from. Instead of working to get part time jobs the athletes would be able to save more energy and focus more on their game. If college coaches get paid then why shouldn’t the students? Alabama’s football coach made $5.5 million in the year or 2013 when the professors don’t even make anything close to that. Most of the money that comes in through sports get spent bringing in new coaching members or advisers when they could be taking some of that money and spending it on the players. Since not all student athletes don’t get full scholarships, if they got paid that could help them pay off their student debts and have savings for their life after college. The NCAA is an 11 billion dollar revenue, college athletes don’t have to get paid as much as professional but they can at least get some type of income to keep them stable.


This argument could go both ways, some people think college athletes shouldn’t get paid. College athletes are already getting scholarships which is paying for them to go to college when most students have to pay for the full amount which as everyone knows is not cheap. Student athletes already get special treatment and advanced help because they have to keep their grades up to be eligible to play. If each student at the campus got the same amount of attention for the same price, colleges wouldn’t have enough money to pay for professors or coaches. Not all sports bring in a lot of attention or money, it would be hard to pay each athlete and member of a team and still keep up with all the other little things the money goes to. “College athletes need to recognize their opportunity as a privilege, that most young kids aspire to attain, but are never given to opportunity to have.” Once you start turning something you have some what of a passion for and that is part of your lifestyle into a job you start to lose the love for it and its not as fun or enjoyable. Even though the money is nice you should never do something just for the money, playing sports outside of high school and club is to feel some what of an accomplishment and to see where your child hood dream of playing for your favorite college team and realizing how far you came.

Most college athletes don’t see the reality in the situation of not getting paid to play.. They are getting paid to play in a different way, they are getting a chance that so many other people don’t have the opportunity to get. Scholar’d individuals don’t realize that everything they do outside of school or sports can risk getting everything they worked for taken away in the blink of an eye.


Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid

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