Phone Privileges



Should cell phones be banned at school? A lot of schools are starting to enforce the no cell phone rule, some schools won’t even allow them to be out at all. Cell phones can help cheating and can be a big distraction but they can also help a lot too. If something goes wrong at school and you need to get hold of your parents obviously you can go to the office and call home but how much easier is it if you can just send them a text right away and not have to make a big deal out of it or miss any class. Banning cells phones during test and quiz’s is understandable but for the whole day, is that?

Yes, it’s time to embrace cell phones in class

You can go on and on about how cell phones are bad but what about all the ways they help you? Schools are becoming a lot more tech savvy and oppose to always getting out the chrome books to look up little things like defining words or finding evidence of facts why would it not be okay to not just pull your phone out for a little. It seems as if the more you tell someone they can’t do something the more they will want to do it so telling kids they can’t be on their phones at school is just making them want to be on it more. Cell phones help everybody stay in touch and stay in the loop with what is going on around here. Like at Amelia Mrs. Walker uses Twitter to let everyone know about the sporting events or what’s going on during the day. Or even if you need to get ahold of her you can message her on Twitter. The more students are becoming attached to their cell phones the more stubborn they will be when it’s getting taken away for being on their phone during class. The cell phone rule is making cell phones a bigger deal then what they really are.


Some students may or may not know the right time to be using their phones during class but should that effect everyone in the class? At the beginning of the school year the no cell phone rule was a lot more layed down and enforced than it is as the year comes to an end. Some students may be effected more about the rule than others. At the beginning of the school year walking into some classes you had to put your cell phone or any electronic into a calculator holder for the bell and could get it at the end of class. Talking to some of the students at Amelia all had different perspectives but this is what some of them said, “the cell phone rule doesn’t really bother me because I’m not on my phone all the time but it is annoying to not be able to have my phone on me”. ” I feel like everyone should have the right to keep their cell phones at least on them and then get them taken away if they start to become distracting”. “Going from being on your cell phone all the time to not being on it at all or having it on you is a big change and it’s almost more distracting watching it go off on the calculater holder and not being able to know what it is oppose to having it on my lap”.

Do the administrators have the right to take away someone’s cell phone if they see them out during class? Cell phones are a priveledge given to you by your parents and it almost feels as if that priveledge is getting taken away right as you walk into school.. Having some type of rule for cell phones is understandable but no cell phones at all, is that??


No bueno

Rape is a big problem all around the world. Some are small children, boys or girls. A majority of them are girls, but others are women, of all ages. The average of 293,066 victims, from age 12 and older get raped and/or sexual assaulted each year. Every 107 seconds an American is raped and sexually assaulted. Over 90 percent of abortions in women and children are due to rape. Abortion is very dangerous and 4 out of 10 unintended pregnancies end in abortion. An abortion is not free and most insurance companies do not pay for it. Abortion should not be legal in every state just for any young teen or adult to have the right to go and get one at any given time. There should be a limit to saying “Abortion should only be legal for rape.” Even though everyone has their own opinion on what they want to do with their own child, it should be illegal for a mother to go and want to aboard their child, when they made that choice to have sexual intercorse and not look at all the consequences to their actions. Having both of your parents in your son or daughter’s life is a very big deal, not only for the kid’s sake but for the mother or father also. No one wants to be a single parent without any help. Some kids/teens don’t have both parents and it is very sad for the whole family for many different reasons. Maybe the mother or father is having financial problems or one’s in jail, etc. Any child should and needs to be loved by both parents. Therefore abortion should only be legal if the woman was sexually assaulted or raped, because that kid needs to have both parents there by his or her side all through his or her life. Even though so many young children and women are raped, 80­90 percent are not reported, 50 percent are false rapes, and 97 percent of rapists aren’t ever caught. Most people do not get abortions if they get raped, but they should so the mother isn’t a single mother and the child has both parents in his or her life. Not every abortion is due to rape. 26 percent are more likely due to drug abuse and 13 percent are due to alcohol abuse. Abortions happen all throughout the world, but only 43 percent of abortions are in the United States. Others are all around the rest of the world. 61.3 percent of abortions are performed at 9 weeks. Even though abortion isn’t legal in every state, 53 million legal abortions took place in 2013 and 1.06 million abortions took place in 2011 only in the U.S. Abortion used to be a bigger issue back then than it is now. 46 percent of women can’t afford abortions therefore almost more than half do not get one and just live their life as a single parent. 85.5 percent of other abortions are accounted by unmarried women and 51 percent of women who are 23 and younger have abortions. 17,342 pregnancies as a result of rape happened in the year 2012. 1.3 million Americans were victims of rape in the year 2013. 1 and 4 college students are raped in their first year of college and 2­1 women that get raped or sexually assaulted also get breast cancer 12­14 months after the tragedy. 1.1 million abortions happen every year not only due to rape but for many other different reasons. This is not a good sign since abortions are paid out of your own pocket and not anyone else’s, and that you are killing a human being inside your stomach that could be loved by you and your significant other. Babies start growing as soon as you find out you are expecting, so if people get abortions 11 percent of all of abortions are in the third trimester and 89 percent are performed in the first trimester. I believe abortion should not be legal in every state due to many different reasons and that abortion should only be legal in the case of rape or sexual assault, not only because every son or daughter need both parents there for them throughout his or her life but also because no one should feel unloved and that they weren’t made out of love from two people but made from force from one and not the other.

National League girls



Most girls play for a different team after high school, National league is where the best teams from the nation all play against each other and their goal is to try to make it to nationals. Every game in the National League is competitive and each team has to go in knowing its going to be a hard game. Nothing is handed to the teams in the National league they all earned their spot in this league. The maximum amount of points you can get in one National league show case is 12, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. The first set of National league games were held in Wilson North Carolina on November 20th – 23rd. College scouts come out and watch the teams play which is another big part of the showcase. Playing in the National league is a great opportunity for the players to get looked at and play for good colleges. Ages U-15 – U-18 all play in this league. In National League they split up the boys and girls weeks so either the girls will play one week then the boys go play or the boys go first and then the girls play.


Not many Athletes around here play in the National League, only 2 from Amelia do Ally and Abby Brown. Ally and Abby Juniors at Amelia play for Kings Hammer Academy, and verbally committed to the University of Akron. We asked Abby how she could explain playing in the National league was and she said, “being in the National league 2 years now its definitely one of the most competitive leagues I’ve played for, the games never get easier only more competitive and you have to hold your ground to stay in. This year we barely made it back into National league but we ended up winning out in MRL to make it back. Playing in National league is not something you should take for granted”. The level of play of high school soccer and club soccer ranges dramatically depending on where you are at.


Usually for the National league division 1 college scouts come to watch play which makes it a great opportunity for the best girls to get scouted. Playing in the National league is like playing in a college showcase but with a lot better teams. No team can just join the national league because they think they are good enough you have to earn your place, which is the best part about the National league every team has earned their place and is trying to make it back to the next National League. This is National league’s 8th year and each year has been successful and very competitive and keeps getting more competitive each year. Majority of the people playing this competitive of a league are wanting to play college soccer and there is a lot more scouts at these games than your average showcase. National League is something good for all serious soccer players to experience.

After the National league in Vegas teams will move on to Regional’s then Nationals. In order to move onto Nationals you have to place 1st and 2nd in your league. The other way to make it to Nationals is winning regional’s, which is by far the longer way around. There are a couple clubs around here that partake in National league which are Kings Hammer Academy, and Cincinnati United Premier. Playing at the highest level of soccer is an experience not a lot of people would pass up on and if you get the opportunity, take it!


Upcoming Movies of 2017

If you enjoy going to the movies but haven’t been interested in any of the movies be ready because there are a lot of good sequels and new movies that are expected to be really good.

If you are a pitch perfect fan pitch perfect 3 is coming out the summer of 2017, a lot of people really enjoyed the first two. Do you think the third will be just as good?


Another fan favorite is Star Wars: Espison VIII. Star wars is ranked one of the best movie series world wide. If they keep making new ones will they just be dragging it on?

If you are interested in seeing more movie options click here!

Mariemont 1st day


Amelia varsity track went to Mariemont for prelims on May 4th 2016, Amelia girls got second and still have today to get first. Almost every athlete that competed in prelims is moving on to today’s finals. Everyone come out and support your Amelia track team as they bring home another victory and hopefully have some people breaking pr’s and school records!


running events for this weeks track meet!

4 x 800 M Relay-Girls4 x 800 M Relay-Boys

1. Walsh _____1. T. Casavant _____

2. Sheets _____2. Kisner _____

3. Cardarelli _____3. R. Casavant _____

4. Walker _____4. Tavner _____

Total _____Total _____

100 M Hurdles-Girls110 M Hurdles-Boys

1. K. Smith _____1. _____

2. P. Smith _____2. _____

100 M Dash-Girls100 M Dash-Boys

1. Al. Brown _____1. Boykin _____

2. Ab. Brown _____2. Bailey _____

4 x 200 Meter Relay-Girls4 x 200 Meter Relay-Boys

1. Ab. Brown _____1. _____________ _____

2. Crawford _____2. _____________ _____

3. Sheets` _____3. _____________ _____

4. Al. Brown _____4. _____________ _____

Total _____Total _____

1600 M Run-Girls1600 M Run-Boys

1. Walker _____1. Tavner _____

2. _____2. T. Casavant _____

4 x 100 Relay -Girls4 x 100 Relay-Boys

1. Al. Brown _____1. Bailey _____

2. Buten _____2. Sartori _____

3. Sheets _____3. Thuma _____

4. Ab. Brown _____4. Gering _____

Total _____Total _____

400 M Dash-Girls400 M Dash-Boys

1. Walker _____1. Boykin _____

2. Cardarelli _____2. Gering _____

300 M Hurdles-Girls300 M Hurdles-Boys

1. Ab. Brown _____1. Carnes _____

2. K. Smith _____2. Thomas _____

800 M Run-Girls800 M Run-Boys

1. Cardarelli _____1. Tavner _____

2. Walsh _____2. T. Casavant _____

200 M Dash-Girls200 M Dash-Boys

1. Al. Brown _____1. Boykin _____

2. Moreno _____2. Bailey _____

3200 M Run-Girls3200 M Run-Boys

1. Walsh _____1. Tavner _____

2. _____2. Kisner _____

4 x 400 Relay -Girls4 x 400 Relay- Boys

1. Walsh _____1. R. Casavant _____

2. Crawford _____2. Carnes _____

3. Sheets _____3. Thomas _____

4. Walker _____4. T. Casavant _____