National League girls



Most girls play for a different team after high school, National league is where the best teams from the nation all play against each other and their goal is to try to make it to nationals. Every game in the National League is competitive and each team has to go in knowing its going to be a hard game. Nothing is handed to the teams in the National league they all earned their spot in this league. The maximum amount of points you can get in one National league show case is 12, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. The first set of National league games were held in Wilson North Carolina on November 20th – 23rd. College scouts come out and watch the teams play which is another big part of the showcase. Playing in the National league is a great opportunity for the players to get looked at and play for good colleges. Ages U-15 – U-18 all play in this league. In National League they split up the boys and girls weeks so either the girls will play one week then the boys go play or the boys go first and then the girls play.


Not many Athletes around here play in the National League, only 2 from Amelia do Ally and Abby Brown. Ally and Abby Juniors at Amelia play for Kings Hammer Academy, and verbally committed to the University of Akron. We asked Abby how she could explain playing in the National league was and she said, “being in the National league 2 years now its definitely one of the most competitive leagues I’ve played for, the games never get easier only more competitive and you have to hold your ground to stay in. This year we barely made it back into National league but we ended up winning out in MRL to make it back. Playing in National league is not something you should take for granted”. The level of play of high school soccer and club soccer ranges dramatically depending on where you are at.


Usually for the National league division 1 college scouts come to watch play which makes it a great opportunity for the best girls to get scouted. Playing in the National league is like playing in a college showcase but with a lot better teams. No team can just join the national league because they think they are good enough you have to earn your place, which is the best part about the National league every team has earned their place and is trying to make it back to the next National League. This is National league’s 8th year and each year has been successful and very competitive and keeps getting more competitive each year. Majority of the people playing this competitive of a league are wanting to play college soccer and there is a lot more scouts at these games than your average showcase. National League is something good for all serious soccer players to experience.

After the National league in Vegas teams will move on to Regional’s then Nationals. In order to move onto Nationals you have to place 1st and 2nd in your league. The other way to make it to Nationals is winning regional’s, which is by far the longer way around. There are a couple clubs around here that partake in National league which are Kings Hammer Academy, and Cincinnati United Premier. Playing at the highest level of soccer is an experience not a lot of people would pass up on and if you get the opportunity, take it!


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