No bueno

Rape is a big problem all around the world. Some are small children, boys or girls. A majority of them are girls, but others are women, of all ages. The average of 293,066 victims, from age 12 and older get raped and/or sexual assaulted each year. Every 107 seconds an American is raped and sexually assaulted. Over 90 percent of abortions in women and children are due to rape. Abortion is very dangerous and 4 out of 10 unintended pregnancies end in abortion. An abortion is not free and most insurance companies do not pay for it. Abortion should not be legal in every state just for any young teen or adult to have the right to go and get one at any given time. There should be a limit to saying “Abortion should only be legal for rape.” Even though everyone has their own opinion on what they want to do with their own child, it should be illegal for a mother to go and want to aboard their child, when they made that choice to have sexual intercorse and not look at all the consequences to their actions. Having both of your parents in your son or daughter’s life is a very big deal, not only for the kid’s sake but for the mother or father also. No one wants to be a single parent without any help. Some kids/teens don’t have both parents and it is very sad for the whole family for many different reasons. Maybe the mother or father is having financial problems or one’s in jail, etc. Any child should and needs to be loved by both parents. Therefore abortion should only be legal if the woman was sexually assaulted or raped, because that kid needs to have both parents there by his or her side all through his or her life. Even though so many young children and women are raped, 80­90 percent are not reported, 50 percent are false rapes, and 97 percent of rapists aren’t ever caught. Most people do not get abortions if they get raped, but they should so the mother isn’t a single mother and the child has both parents in his or her life. Not every abortion is due to rape. 26 percent are more likely due to drug abuse and 13 percent are due to alcohol abuse. Abortions happen all throughout the world, but only 43 percent of abortions are in the United States. Others are all around the rest of the world. 61.3 percent of abortions are performed at 9 weeks. Even though abortion isn’t legal in every state, 53 million legal abortions took place in 2013 and 1.06 million abortions took place in 2011 only in the U.S. Abortion used to be a bigger issue back then than it is now. 46 percent of women can’t afford abortions therefore almost more than half do not get one and just live their life as a single parent. 85.5 percent of other abortions are accounted by unmarried women and 51 percent of women who are 23 and younger have abortions. 17,342 pregnancies as a result of rape happened in the year 2012. 1.3 million Americans were victims of rape in the year 2013. 1 and 4 college students are raped in their first year of college and 2­1 women that get raped or sexually assaulted also get breast cancer 12­14 months after the tragedy. 1.1 million abortions happen every year not only due to rape but for many other different reasons. This is not a good sign since abortions are paid out of your own pocket and not anyone else’s, and that you are killing a human being inside your stomach that could be loved by you and your significant other. Babies start growing as soon as you find out you are expecting, so if people get abortions 11 percent of all of abortions are in the third trimester and 89 percent are performed in the first trimester. I believe abortion should not be legal in every state due to many different reasons and that abortion should only be legal in the case of rape or sexual assault, not only because every son or daughter need both parents there for them throughout his or her life but also because no one should feel unloved and that they weren’t made out of love from two people but made from force from one and not the other.

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