soccer senior night

Amelia mens and womens soccer senior night is Saturday October 8th playing Harrison, The JV boys will start your day off at 10 am and varsity will be at 12. Then in between those games the boy seniors will get recognized at 11:15 right before their game. The JV girls start up at 2 and varsity plays at 4 and all of their seniors will be recognized at 3:15. Come and support your seniors as they play their last high school home game.

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Lady Barons


Amelia Womens Soccer

Yesterday 9/22/16 Amelia played Norwood in soccer at home. Last time the girls played them they won 6-0, this time they won 5-0. The girls are 6-3 and coming off a couple losses the played really well. This is the last year of Amelia High School and the girls soccer team wanted to go out with a bang but took a loss to New Richmond in the first half of the season. They are now entering the second half and hoping to win all of their league games and win league for the last time as Amelia EVER. image


Senioritis is defined as “an ebbing of motivation an effort by school seniors as evidence by tardiness, absences and lower grades.”

Symptoms include:

  • Laziness
  • Over excessive of wearing athletic clothing
  • Lack of studying
  • Repeated absences
  • Bad attitude



Every senior at some point goes through this phase, some not as much but others quite a bit. Senioritis is no joke, The only cure is graduation. This general feeling piles up after years of taking specific classes just to get a certain amount of credits to graduate. Most seniors choose easier classes instead of classes to prepare them for college, which in the end usually hurts that student. Some students think just because they get accepted into college that they don’t have to try anymore, well you are WRONG… Any college can take away any scholarships or anything given to you due to a low GPA.

Seniors, The year just started. This is your last year of high school, stay strong and finish the year with good grades to help you get into college. Even if you don’t go to college graduating with a good GPA still helps you because you never know, you could eventually go to college in your later life.

Things Senioritis can teach you:

  • Skipping class is actually more stressful and not worth it: When you skip class you just have to find extra time to make up all your missing work and tests.
  • Grades actually matter your senior year: Most people think that you already have majority of your credits so why try? Well failing classes brings down your GPA, If you hold a solid GPA the first 3 years of high school why mess it up your last year?
  • Truancy is irrelevant if you’re 18:  If you are 18 you cannot get in trouble for not attending school, you are an adult you make your own choices.
  • Make the most of your senior year: Its your last year going to the same school as everyone you’ve been with for the past couple of years, make the most of it.

If you or any of your friends are victims of this horrible disease please contact help with your school counselor as soon as possible. THERE IS A CURE.

Sleeping Remedies

Some people get stressed out easily from work, school and sports so they don’t get the amount of sleep they need a night because they are up all night worrying about non important stuff. If you are one of these people then keep reading to find better ways to help you sleep at night.

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If you food isn’t your thing then you should try some of theses exercises! 

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Womens soccer

Everyone come out and watch your Amelia Varsity girls play Western Brown at western brown Wednesday September 7th. Our girls team needs to beat Western Brown in order to win league, they’ll have to win out the rest of their games. This is a big season for our Lady Barons because they have won league for the past 7 years in a row and since this is their last season as a Baron.

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Lady Barons

Varsity plays at 7

Jv plays at 5.