Should teachers be graded by their students?

Most teachers get assessed a couple times throughout the year, so technically they only have to have something prepared for those very few assessments. Students are getting graded every single day and they don’t even get paid, students get educated but some teachers aren’t even capable of giving them that education they are at school to learn.


Leila Cambell is a teacher in California that took a survey from her students seeing if they had any type of connection because she believes that if you can’t connect with your students its a lot harder for them to learn from you. Leila says that 72% of the student body gets extra help during lunch to comprehend what they learn that same day. Students should feel comfortable in their classroom, or school environment to ask for additional help if they need to instead of just not being able to pass a class because of the teacher

Some teachers just give lectures to students and take notes constantly and then give test and that’s what their grades reflect on, so how is it fair that that’s how students grades are based off of weekly when teachers get observed very few times and usually not even weekly. Student’s should have a say in how teachers are being observed. Not necessarily graded, but should give their say in how they are doing through out the year. Not every single student should get a say but the students who come to school and try every day should be able to give input on all of their teachers.


David Powlowski is a principle from Alexandria middle school, He thinks that students don’t have enough knowledge to give accurate reports on people older than them. A lot of people think using students inputs could make it a little tricky to get accurate judgements. Some students don’t like teachers based off of their teaching style, so how can you give information on a teacher you don’t like. Or same for a teacher grading a student they don’t like. Are they going to pass the student to not have to teach them again or fail the student to make them retake the class?

If you were a teacher how confident would you be if you were getting paid from your students grading you?

A good teacher wouldn’t have to worry about a student grading you because even if your style of teaching is challenging to ¬†students and they don’t understand it as well you can still give them extra help and show that you care because students don’t get along with teachers that just go through the motions and hand out a bunch of work to do after barely teaching it. Students like when teachers explain and work through the problems and show that they care. Being a teacher is more than just showing up and teaching the requirements that are set. You should care for your students and treat them as if they were one of yours or at least treat them how you would want your child to be treated or taught.



Should students grade their teachers?


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