Kill shelters

2.7 million animals are killed each year in shelters, 1.2 million are dogs and 1.4 million are cats . If you do not get your animals spayed or neutered  then you should be responsible for finding a good home for the offspring and, obviously, kill shelters are not an alternative.  Kill shelters should be eliminated because animal lives are just as valuable as humans, animals are defenseless, and they can be transferred to other safer shelters.

Even though some people may disagree, animal lives are just as valuable as humans. Animals are just as intelligent as humans, they just have a different way of showing it.

“Animals offer different kinds of intelligences which have been under-rated due to humans’ fixation on language and technology. These include social and kinaesthetic intelligence. Some mammals, like gibbons, can produce a large number of varied sounds – over 20 different sounds with clearly different meanings that allow these arboreal primates to communicate across tropical forest canopy. The fact that they do not build houses is irrelevant to the gibbons,”.


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Everyone tries to compare animals to humans, clearly humans have some better traits than animals but you have to take into consideration all the things animals can do that us humans do not even think about. Animals and insects are very unique, some animals have incredible eyesight, good sense of smell and are very aware of their surroundings. Everyone knows the common saying, “a dog is a man’s best friend”. If you consider your animal your best friend then wouldn’t you consider their life to be just as important as yours? I do agree that some animals lives are not as important but there are some humans that their lives could be considered not important because of their criminal records. Without animals humans would not be alive, for example phytoplankton produces over 50% of the oxygen for the planet, Now you may ask how is that relevant to this topic? Whales create nutrients to keep these phytoplankton plants alive. Without whales there would not be as much oxygen and with less oxygen means less human lives. Animals do not need humans to live, humans need animals if they want to stay alive. Not many people see it but it is the little things that matter, research says that there are up to 387,000 service dogs in the United States . Dogs contribute to a better health, especially therapy and service.  Each animal has a something unique that us humans do not have. The number one thing that separates us from animals is our capacity to show empathy . When someone or something passes away humans tend to grieve over it, but when an animal’s loses one of it offsprings they are not really bothered by it. Think about life without animals, very impossible. Us humans do not value a lot of things that are important. We need plants to survive and animals keep most plants living.


Animals can not defend themselves when being punished, making them defenseless. The most common animal that does not get the time of day is a pitbull. Most people automatically assume they are a danger to society. Any dog is going to behave the way you train it. If you are rough with your animals they are going to be rough back, not to just the owner to anyone. Pitbulls, much like other dogs are used as family companions. “They help kids become strong readers because many kids with reading disabilities won’t read to an adult but they will read to a dog.” Animals are forced to do things, such as wear painful collars, have their ears and tails cut off; depending on if the owner wants it and being chained to poles and locked in cages for long periods of times. “Chaining dogs is one of the most cruelest punishments imaginable for social animals .” How would you feel if you were chained to a stationary object for hours and did not have an option to untie yourself?  Humans tend to declaw their cats, making it even harder for them to defend themselves. Declawing cats or animals in general does a lot more than just taking the nails out. The long term effect of declawing is skin and bladder problems and then eventually  gradual weakening of the animals legs. The main reason to get animals declawed is so they do not scratch you or your furniture  constantly, but animals do tend to run away and if they are declawed and out in the wild how are they going to defend themselves? Cats in particular need their claws to function in a few different ways. Taking away a cats claws is far worse than to deprive a human from their nails. If an animal hurts a human it will either get shot or injured pretty bad, if a human injures and animals their is slim to no consequences. The most recent incident that went viral was the gorilla Harambe. His life got ended because one child was being watched well enough as he slipped into the gorilla exhibit. If the child would of been harmed then the Cincinnati Zoo would of been in a lot of trouble for something they had no control over.Animals in shelters do not get to pick what they do, or to even be in there. Shelters are not very cozy and comforting so do not adopt or get a pet if you can not give it a home or lifestyle that you would not want to live in.  

Finally, animals can be transferred to safer shelters. All kill shelters will not be able to be closed but they can make more of an effort to transfer the animals to safer shelters. If an animals is not getting adopted, instead of killing it why not switch it into a different shelter for more people to see. Most people do not adopt from animal shelters because it is a little pricy but would you rather adopt an animal that will die in a few days if not adopted or take an animal that can easily find a home. Most no kill shelters do not pay their employees they all just volunteer, if the government paid each type of shelter the same we would have more workers and would not have to kill as many animals. I think in order to be able to own a pet you should have to get them spayed or neutered so there are less animals in the shelter. It will not be possible to end all kill shelters but  if majority of them are ended then over a period of time they might all have a chance to be ended. Transferring an animal to a different shelter should not be hard. Non kill shelters are very beneficial. In a shelter environment an animal should feel welcome and at home. If an animal is in a kill shelter vs no kill they will get different treatment. How would you feel if you ran away from home and got picked up by the cops, taken to jail and could not get out so they did not get taken care of because you were not leaving so it did not matter? Even though most people do not see most animals live as valuable as humans they still deserve to get treated better if not equivalent to humans. Animals do understand there surrounding and can tell when something is wrong, they know where home is and who their owners are.  Your pet is your family, kill shelters kill family.


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