College Athletes

How many of you people believe college athletes should be paid? College athletes basically work 40+ hours weeks by practicing everyday to games. How do people expect them to work to pay off all of their college debt if they don’t have anytime to work? Most student athletes do not get full rides, the colleges don’t have enough money to give each athlete free schooling so the try to split it up and usually most athletes vary from 20%-50% if going D1. So on top of playing a D1 sport, usually going to a very expensive college and not being able to work in your free time how are athletes expected to pay for college without having to pay for it the rest of their lives. The NCAA itself brings in $10.8 Billion in just one year.


I don’t think they need to pay athletes a lot of money like professional but at least some to help make payments and support themselves. If they can’t afford to pay college athletes than they should atleast give them all free tuition. Personally, my siblings have all gone to college and struggled with money but are able to work and figure it out but if they are struggling with a job than i don’t understand how student athletes do it. I’ve interviewed a few people from Amelia High school that plan on playing college sports and they say:
Lindsay Buten- I think college athletes should get more money than just tuition and boarding because i will not have anytime to work while i am playing soccer and will have to rely on my parents to help me pay for necessities.
Emily Moreno- Since i’m going D3 im not getting any athletic scholarships so soccer really won’t be taken that serious so i will be able to work, but i do think the athletes that have to train every day and spend that much time focusing on their sport that they should get a little extra cash to make their experience easier.
Abby Brown- It’s going to be very hard to adjust to not being able to work and have extra cash, i wish the school would be willing to give money for us to do side things while we were in season. I don’t think they should have to pay athletes out of season but it would help if they gave a little.

All three of these girls are playing different divisions but all still have basically the same mindset. College will not be easy for anyone no matter if you go division 1 vs division 3, playing a sport is still time consuming and college is very expensive.

If you were playing a college sport would you want to get paid and know you’re getting something out of playing the sport, or getting rewarded for something you worked so hard for majority of your life?

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